Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics cover vital events in the country i.e. Births, Deaths and Marriages. The analysis includes among others, age of mother, marital status, and place of occurrence for births, age at marriage, previous marital status, occupation, and causes of death, age at death, and place of occurrence for deaths.

Indicators Produced include:

  • Percent birth registration
  • Percent health facility deliveries
  • Nuptial Births
  • Crude Birth Rate
  • Sex ratio at birth
  • Mean age at birth
  • Mean age at marriage- bachelor
  • Mean age at marriage – Spinster
  • Crude marriage rate
  • First marriage for both (Percentage)
  • Percent Death registration
  • Infant mortality Rate
  • Crude death rate
Vital Statisctics
Birth (registered)20182017
Male number 27 37321 940
Female number 26 650 21 350
Totalnumber 54 02343 290
Sex ratio ratio 103102.8
Nuptial births Percent 18.826.4
Ex-nuptial births Percent 81.273.6
Mean age of mother at birth years 27.728
Birth registration Percent10094.7
Health facility deliveriesPercent99.899.7