Data Portal

Following are Statistics Botswana web-based data platforms used for organising, storing and presenting data in a uniform way to facilitate data sharing. Each of these portals has a dedicated database system, modelled for specific data types (microdata and aggregate data). The portals provide interactive access, metadata and web services for automated data sharing.

The Statistical Data Portal

The Statistical data portal provides data users with the ability to graphical view and analyse Botswana statistical data utilizing aggregated data. The portal has features that produce tables, graphs and maps for inclusion in reports, presentations etc. Data visualisation could be delivered via e-mail and exported to various file formats including excel, pdf, and power point

Micro Data Portal

Statistics Botswana is committed to making all data available to users on-line on this application.

The Microdata Portal has been established to:

  • Promote best practice and international standards for the documentation of microdata amongst data producers in the country.
  • Provide equitable access to microdata in the interest of all citizens, by protecting confidentiality and following international recommendations and good practice. Promote the effective use of existing survey and census data for statistical and research purposes, thereby encouraging a diverse range of analytical work through secondary research.
  • Ensure the long term preservation of microdata and the related metadata, and their continued viability and usability in the future.
  • If you are a first time user, you are to Register as a user on this platform before you can request or have access to any data. Already registered user need to just click the Login link above to login in order to process there request.