Mission, Vision, Values


To be a world Class Provider of quality official statistics and related services

Mission Statement

To enable stakeholders formulate policies, plan and make decisions

The mission is customer –centric and compels employees to do:

  • Providing authoritative official statistics
  • Promoting use of official statistics
  • Developing and maintaining the National Statistical System
  • Providing statistical and related services


Desirable behaviors within the organisation:

Values Behaviours
  • Demonstrates commitment to doingwhat is right and ethical
  • Resists undue pressure in making decisions
  • Places interest of organisation above their own interests
  • Shows consistency between expressed principles and behaviour
  • Promotes openness in their daily activities
Focus on Customer
  • Makes decisions with the customer in mind
  • Asks the question'how is this adding value for the customer'?
Focus on Quality
  • Consistently produces high quality work
  • Applies discipline and attention to detail in their work activities
  • Consistently looks for ways to improve the quality of products or services
  • Encourages others to have high quality standards in their work
  • Accepts consequences of own decisions, good or bad
  • Does not shift
  • Works collaboratively with others
  • Uses scientific principles in carrying out their work
  • Exercise professional independence
  • Resists undue pressure when carrying out his/her duties
  • Abides by professional code of conduct
  • Continouosly develops himself/herself and abreast of industry trends and developments
  • Confronts other staff who breach confidentiality
  • Keeps confidential information confidential