Directorates of Economic Statistics

The Directorate is responsible for the compilation and analysis of economic statistics. The information generated by the Directorate is crucial for guiding economic policy and decision making as it gives a picture of the macroeconomic status of the country. The directorate also provides advice to different stakeholders on matters related to economic statistics including research.

The Directorate comprises four Divisions namely:

  • National Accounts and Prices,
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Trade and Industry
  • Agriculture and Environment.

Each of the divisions is responsible for producing sector specific indicators associated to the subject matter area. Data sources for the production of different indicators are varied, ranging from administrative data and business related surveys. The release of economic indicators varies in periodicity and could be monthly, quarterly or annually.

Directorate of Socio-Demographic Statistics

The directorate is responsible for compilation and analysis of different subject matter related statistics from administrative data sources and through the conduct of periodic household based surveys and censuses.

The directorate operates its mandate through 3 divisions each responsible for specific sector statistics analysis and production of indicators and publications of associated statistical reports. The three divisions are :

  • Division of Census and Demography
  • Division of Labour and Poverty Statistics and
  • Division of Health and Education Statistics.

Directorate of Standards, Methods & Information Systems

The Directorate is in charge of divisions coordinating the following support services for the Organisation and stakeholders. The directorates is responsible for putting together frameworks for use by the National Statistical System (NSS) as well as providing technical support and guidance on different areas in the statistical value chain including the coordination of all business and household data collection activities for administrative data, censuses and surveys. For Divisions are mandated for this purpose and are constituted as follows:

  • Sampling Frames Support (SFS) and GIS services.
  • Standards, Methods, Quality Assurance, Training and Certification (SMQATC).
  • Fieldwork and Regional Services Coordination (FRSC) 
  • Data Management and Information Systems (DMIS) services  and  IT related support including database administration and  IT infrastructure.

The four divisions have distinct roles all coordinated towards the provision of timely, reliable and quality data  analysis in order to support evidence based decision making and investment purposes.

Directorate of Stakeholder Relations

The Directorate focuses on supporting the Organisation by coordinating relations, both locally and internationally with customers through providing services relating to communication, documentation and dissemination, user support, library services, coordination of National Statistical System (NSS) and handling of external relations matters. These support services lead to increased awareness and demand for statistical information for use in the policy formulation, planning and decision making. Different frameworks including the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics which was adapted locally as the Botswana Strategy for the Development of Statistics (BSDS), different operational policies, strategies and guidelines towards strengthening NSS coordination and collaboration mechanisms and user targeted mechanisms are important towards the expansion of the official statistical production nationally.  

The Directorates delivers on its mandate through 2 divisions as follows:

  • Communication, Dissemination and Documentation division and
  • National Statistics System and External Relations division

Legal Advisor And Board Secretary

The Board Secretary provides the Board with detailed guidance on discharging their responsibilities. The Board Secretary is the central source of information and advice to the Board and within Statistics Botswana on matters of ethics and good governance. In addition, the Board Secretary ensures that the proceedings and matters of the Board and its committees are properly executed in accordance with the Statistics Act, 2009.

Directorate of Internal Audit

Statistics Botswana recognizes the value of having effective and adequate control processes hence it is committed to adhering to principles of good corporate governances practices. This function is delivered through the Directorate of Internal Audit which has put together some processes to facilitate adherence to the desired international standards.

Statistics Botswana has an independent Internal Audit function which provides an assurance that internal controls, risk and governance processes are in place and effective.

Directorate of Corporate Services

The directorate is responsible for supporting the different value chain activities of the Organisation through the provision of several support activities as well as putting together supporting frameworks, strategies and guidelines geared towards effective Organisations operations and staff welfare related issues.

The directorate delivers on its mandate through the coordination of the following activities:

  • Resources Management System
  • Financial policies and internal controls
  • Human Capital
  • Staff Welfare services
  • Records and Performance Management
  • Fleet management, office accommodation as well as
  • Procurement