Transport and Infrastructure Statistics

Transport and Infrastructure Statistics cover data pertaining to road transport, rail transportation, civil aviation and water transport. The scope of the information is on the type, availability, geographical distribution, access, quality and effectiveness of transport and infrastructure works and services. The information is derived from data on road, air, rail and water (related to the services offered by the Pontoon) facilities and related services. The statistics is mostly used by the public when they want to start businesses related to transport and research institutions.

Road transport data include: national road networks, traffic volume in selected roads, motor vehicle registration & road license renewal, motor vehicle accidents, transport permits etc.

Rail transportation data include: passenger carried and revenue, goods traffic volumes and revenue by imports, exports & transit. 

Civil aviation statistics cover: passengers, cargo & mail traffic, departures and landings.

Indicators produced include:

  • Motor Vehicle Registrations
  • Air Transport
  • Railways
  • Road Safety
  • Road
  • Water
Transport Statistics
Air Passenger Movement by Airport and Type of Flight ,Q3 2023
SSKIA93,5541,6341,180 -96,368
Maun 45,24642,68544 5,66893,643
Kasane 16,65118,123 42 7434,890
Phillip Matante 4,948 317 139 -5,404
Total 160,399 62,7871,468 5,742230,396