Currently only arrivals into and departures from the country data is compiled under tourism statistics. The data is derived administratively from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship arrival/departure forms, which are completed by non-citizens at points of entry and exit. The data is analyzed by month of entry or departure, demographic characteristics, purpose and point of entry, country of residence and nationality, mode of travel etc. The information derived from this data is useful to inform policies, planning and decisions on the development and management of the tourism sector in Botswana, also in monitoring and evaluation for demand and supply considerations within the sector. Other users include research institutions, private sector, domestic and international organizations and the general public. The data serves a variety of purposes, including for marketing and investment decision making.

The Services part measures services transactions between residents and non-residents of the economy and classification of these will be carried out in stages as soon as the section becomes operational.

Indicators compiled include:

  • Tourists by country and continent of Residence
  • Tourists by Purpose of Visit
  • Total arrivals by Country/Residence and Sex
  • Total arrivals by Country of Residence/Nationality and Purpose of Entry
  • Arrivals by Purpose of Entry and Age Group as a Percentage of Purpose of Entry  
  • Total Arrivals by Nationality and Month
  • Total arrivals by Residence and Month
  • Total arrivals by Border Post and Month of Travel
  • Total Arrivals by Mode of Travel
  • Total Arrivals by Month and Quarter for Years 2000 - 2015
  • Total Departures by Border Post and Month
  • Total Departures by Month and Mode of Travel
Tourism Statistics
Total Arrivals – Q2 2022Totals
Total Arrivals - Q2 2022282,220
Visitors (Tourists) 248,946
Arrivals by Purpose of Entry - Q2 2022
Returning Resident230,792
Prospective Resident6,530
Seeking Employment1,518
Visiting Friends and Relatives494,228
Holiday/ Leisure43,150
In Transit105,331
Tourist by Sex- Q2 2022
Tourist by Length of Stay (days) Q2 2022
Less than a day (<1) 620
1-3 days78,216
4-7 days90,243
8-14 days47,562
15-21 days9,391
22 plus days56,188