Labour Statistics are needed by Government and other users to plan for employment and wages policies in the country. They provide data on formal sector employment levels, average earnings and other characteristics of the workforce. Statistics produced include; employed and unemployed population, work-permit holders and average monthly earnings. Other statistics include selected social and economic indicators for monitoring and evaluation of progress towards achievement of Vision 2016 goals and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

The data used to produce labour statistics is obtained from establishments listed in the Statistics Botswana Enterprise and Establishment Register (EER). Other data sources for labour statistics are Population and Housing Census and Household Surveys.

Indicators compiled include:

  • Number of paid employees by sector, sex and economic activity
  • Monthly average cash earnings by sector, sex and economic activity
  • Work permit holders by nationality and type
  • Work permit holders by age group and type
  • Work permit holders by industry and sex
  • Work permit holders by occupation and type
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Labour Force
  • Labour Force Participation Rate
Employment to population ratio (15 years and above) QMTS 2020
Employment DataUnemployed EmployedLabour Force
QMTHS Q1,2020
Aggregate Age 15 years upwards226,598751,798978,396
QMTHS Q1,2020
Aggregate Age 18 years upwards222,186750,219972,404
BMTHS 2015/16
Aggregate Age 15 years upwards149,300694,749844,049
BMTHS 2015/16
Aggregate Age 18 years upwards147,101690,901838,002