ICT Statistics


This unit is responsible for compilation and analysis of data pertaining to print and Content Media, Postal Services, Radio and Television Stations, Telecommunications activities and household access to ICT. Some of the uses of this information is to measure the impact of ICT on society and its contributions to the Gross Domestic Product and ICT development index (IDI)

The availability and effectiveness of communications infrastructure and services play a vital role in the speed, level and impact of both social and economic development of any country. This has been the case with Botswana, as indeed these factors have influenced the distribution of both social and economic services throughout the economy.

Indicators produced include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Postal Services
  • Print Media
  • Radio and Television
  • Household Ownership and Access to ICT Indicators
Information And Communications Technology Statistics
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions per 100 inhabitants(2014)158
Fixed Telephone Lines per 100 inhabitants (2014)8
Internet Subscriptions per 100 inhabitants117
Fixed Telephone Lines subscribers169236
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions3410507
Internet Subscription2529436
ICT Development index 2013 - 2017
YearGlobal RankIDIRegional rank
2017109 4.59 5
20161094.17 5
2015109 4.07 5