Census and Survey

Household surveys are an important vehicle for data collection in all-statistical organisations the world over. They are a means to satisfying data needs and filling data gaps identified through the use of data from other sources  such as data generated from administrative records. Data on specialised topics, which may not have been covered during a census with greater depth, is also collected. Survey data are also used to, at times, validate or complement data from other sources.

Activities associated with the conduct of household surveys include:

Compilation of the sampling frame. The sampling frame forms the base from which samples are selected. The sampling frame is compiled from Population and Housing Census enumeration areas;


  • Administrative preparatory activities like Concept notes, Objective of the survey, Indicators to be derived, budget, Project documentation, just to mention but a few;
    • Survey Methodology:
    • Survey design
    • Sample design
  • Planning, organising and conduct of survey fieldwork;
  • Questionnaire design in consultation with specialists units as well as stakeholders;
  • Survey Logistics:

    • Procurement (Transport, survey equipment, materials and supplies)
    • Printing
    • Recruitment and training
  • Compilation of reference and training manuals for interviewers, field supervisors, editors, coders and validation in conjunction with subject matter specialists;
  • Data management issues including system development, tabulation plans, edit specifications etc.
  • Analysis and report writing;
  • Dissemination and data archiving.

The following table presents Survey programme for the Inter Censual Periods


Title of Survey  Census 1981-1990 Census 1991-2000 Census 2001-2010 Census 2011-2020
Economic Surveys        
Agricultural Census 1983 1993 2004 2015
Census of Enterprises and Establishments 2016 Report: Phase 1       2016
Botswana Household Access Use of ICTs        2014
Social Surveys        
Botswana Literacy Survey (BLS)   1993 2003 2014
Botswana AIDS Impact Survey (BAIS)     2001
Botswana Demographic  Health Survey (BDS) 1987 1998 2006 2017
Botswana Family Health Survey (BFHS)  1984
1996 2007  
Botswana Multiple Indicator Survey (MIS)   2000    
Botswana Multi-Topic Household Survey        2015
Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES)   1985/86 1993/94 2002/03  
Informal Sector Survey (ISS)   1999/2000 2007  
Labour Force Survey (LFS)     2005/06  
Botswana Core Welfare IndicatoR Survey     2009/10  
Educational Reports   1993 2003  
Population Census       2011
Quarterly Multi-Topic Survey (QMTS) Q3 2019       2019
Quarterly Multi-Topic Survey (QMTS) Q4 2019       2019
Quarterly Multi-Topic Survey (QMTS) Q1 2020       2020
Quarterly Multi-Topic Survey (QMTS) Q4 2020       2020
Quarterly Multi-Topic Survey (QMTS) Q4 2021       2021