Agricultural statistics are compiled from annual agricultural surveys and decennial censuses in order to establish trends in agricultural production in the form of time series data.  The statistics are used by various stakeholders including Government, private sector, research institutions and NGOs.  The Government of Botswana, particularly the Ministry of Agriculture, uses agricultural statistics for evidence-based decision-making and for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs, projects and strategies geared towards improving agricultural productivity and rural incomes so as to achieve national food security and reduce poverty.

Agricultural data covers crop production, animal production and agriculture in general.  Data from the Traditional/Subsistence sector (cattle posts, land and villages) is collected on the following indicators;

  • System of land tenure
  • Farming practices
  • Area planted, harvested and crop production by type
  • Livestock population and production by type (cattle, sheep, goats)
  • Sale of livestock and crop harvests
  • Other livestock population (poultry, donkeys/mules, horses, dogs, others)
  • Availability of farm labor
  • Water supply, farm equipment and machinery inventory
  • Farm enterprises
  • Disease control measures
  • Impact of Government assistance programs e.g. NAMPAAD, ISPAAD etc.

Data from the Commercial sector (farms and ranches) include;

  • Cash crops (beans/pulses, sunflower, groundnuts, wheat, cotton, Lucerne etc.)
  • Vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, spinach, carrots etc.)
  • Fruits (oranges, naartjies, lemons, grapefruit, bananas, watermelons, green millies)
  • Dairy cattle
Livestock population for 2014 Annual Agricultural Survey
Livestock Holdings ,Population and Indicators between 2017 and 2019
Indicators2017 Traditional2019 Traditional
CATTLE- Total Cattle Holdings33,819 29,355
Total Cattle1,100,375 934,732
Off take rate (%)5.57.0
Birth Rate (%)47.3 56.5
Death Rate (%)5.9 10.9
GOAT-Total Cattle Holdings58,332 42,179
Total Goat1,199,6611,228,744
Off take rate(%)7.36.6
Birth Rate (%)39.139.2
Death Rate (%)23.318.9
SHEEP-Total Sheep Holdings12,99211,905
Total Sheep234,621242,911
Off take rate (%)3.97.7
Birth Rate (%)33.6 32.8
Death Rate (%)16.114.1
Total Holdings ,Area Planted and Harvested from 2017-2019
IndicatorsTraditional Sector-2017Traditional Sector-2019
Land Holdings35, 173 30,212
Holdings Planted 33,399 24,396
Holdings Harvested28,585 10,956
Total Land Area (ha)135,315 117,416
Total Area Planted (ha 126,82188,288
Total Area Harvested (ha) 92, 942 22,866
Fallow Land Area 8,49429,128
% Land Area not Planted6.324.8