National Accounts

The National Accounts Unit compiles annual and quarterly estimates of gross domestic product, from both the production and expenditure approaches, at current and constant prices. Botswana’s national accounts statistics are compiled in accordance with international standards contained in the System of National Accounts (SNA), in particular SNA 1993. The System of National Accounts is the internationally agreed standard set of recommendations on how to compile measures of economic activity in accordance with strict accounting conventions based on economic principles.

The compilation of annual and quarterly national accounts is based on a combination of data from surveys and administrative records. Statistics Botswana maintains an Enterprise and Establishment Register which keeps a list of all enterprises and establishments in Botswana and serve as a sample frame for annual and quarterly business surveys, the most important of which being the Annual Economic Survey and the Survey of Recent Trends. The surveys are on an enterprise/establishment basis and the compilation of GDP by production approach is mainly based on them.

National Accounts
Key figures at constant price (2019 Q 4 annual percentage growths)
Total final consumption3.8
Gross fixed capital formation4.5
Exports of goods & services-28.7
Imports of goods & services-1.2
Gross domestic product1.6
GDP Per Capita ( Million Pula)Nominal GDP per capitaReal GDP per capitaGrowth
201467 867.9 40 743.32.2
201566 822.0 39 380.8-3.3
201676 840.9 40 450.22.7
201779 903.2 40 992.91.3
201882 959.1 42 169.32.9
201984 901.542 778.71.4