Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Francistown-the city of all things precious as officially dubbed came to a standstill as its inhabitants joined Statistics Botswana to commemorate African Statistics Day (ASD) 2017 on 17 November 2017.
The theme of this year, “Better lives with better Economic Statistics” focused on the critical role economic statistics play in underpinning economic governance that leads to durable growth, and linking economic growth with better lives and better economic status for all citizens of Africa.
The commemorations commenced with a 10km walk around the city which led to an outreach activity in Galo mall which ran for the whole day where different Statistics Botswana experts had dialogue with the converged multitudes and stakeholders.
When giving a statement during the commemorations, Acting Deputy Statistician General (Standards and Technical Operations), Ms. Malebogo Kerekang highlighted that the availability and appropriate use of good economic statistics can translate into better lives for people through providing evidence as a base for planning decision making by businesses, households and citizens.
She further stated that statistics is crucial as a basis for effective economic governance to promote the welfare of a nation, and for providing information for monitoring, evaluation and reporting of progress in meeting the goals and targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Africa’s Agenda 2063, the National Development Plan 11, and the National Vision 2036. Ms. Kerekang pointed out that the importance of statistics in understanding and using economic information for planning and policy design cannot be overstressed. All key macro-economic (national accounts, savings and investment, employment interest rates, inflation) and micro-economic (poverty, inequality, social outcome indicators, etc.) variables are based on statistics.
Stakeholders came in large numbers to join Statistics Botswana in commemorating the day.  Among them were representatives from the Attorney General, Trade & Consumer Affairs, Department of Prisons, Botswana Police Services and Waste Management & Pollution Control, Accountant General, BOBS,  LEA, and others.