Data Portal

Following are Statistics Botswana web-based data platforms used for organising, storing and presenting data in a uniform way to facilitate data sharing.

Each of these portals has a dedicated database system, modelled for specific data types (microdata and aggregate data).

The portals provide interactive access, metadata and web services for automated data sharing.

Release Calendar

31 May 2017
Vital Statistics Report 2013
30 December 2023
Education Statistics
30 April 2025
Census  Agriculture Statistics Report
27 June 2026
Small Area Summary Statistics

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Resource Centre

Statistics Botswana Resource Centre is a referral centre for all resourceful official statistical publications.

The principal responsibility of the resource centre is to support learning and research by disseminating National official statistical information to the public. It does that through receiving and maintaining reports generated by Statistics Botswana , different government departments and other Statistical Offices and research institutions, both...

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