Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Statistician General Dr Burton Mguni and Mr Tapologo Baakile Director of Socio Demographic statistics were on Friday (31/08/2018) among the dignitaries at the United Kingdom High Commissioner’s residence.

The Statistician General Dr Burton Mguni seized the opportunity to brief the meeting on the 2021 Population and Housing Census. He expressed his delight for been accorded the chance to articulate his expectation on the exercise.

"The census offers a unique opportunity to obtain data with the greatest disaggregation across many statistics, such statistics certainly gives guidance on efforts to ensure that 'no one is left behind' as per the Agenda 2030 principle", he stated.

The Statistician General also enunciated that in the coming census Statistics Botswana will employ digital processes in the preparation and conduct.

"Modern census mapping technologies for the 2021 cartographic activities will be used as opposed to the traditional method of manual mapping that has previously been used" he expressed.

He further said the data collection will be automated through the Computer Assisted Personal Interviews otherwise known as CAPI. He also added that CAPI debuted in the Botswana Demographic Survey (BDS) of 2017, with such resounding success.

To drive home the point of CAPI’s potency Dr Mguni stressed that the main advantage of CAPI is the reduction in waiting period to release the results.

"You will recall that in the past preliminary census figures were released 60 days after completion of enumeration, this time the preliminary results will be released within a shorter period” he emphasized.

The Statistician General implored all to cooperate with Statistics Botswana to deliver a successful 2021 Population and Housing Census.